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Welcome to the NVIC Advocacy Portal (NVICAP)

Achieving and protecting the right to informed consent to vaccination is more important now than ever before, and we need your help to make that happen. NVIC wants to help you, our members, to organize and make a difference in your home state right where you live to protect and expand vaccine exemptions.  It is at the state level that mass vaccination policies are made, and it is at the state level where your action to protect your rights can have the greatest impact.  Also, when national vaccine issues occur, you will be plugged in to the information and action items necessary to make sure your voice is heard. 

Register to be an NVIC Advocacy Team Member:  Just minutes of your time on letters, emails, and phone calls to your state legislators and the media can make the difference.  NVIC will send you advocacy alert emails when action is needed to support efforts in your own state and nationally on important legislation and policy to protect and expand vaccination exemption laws.  We will provide you with the steps, tools and connection to leaders and organizations to help you make a positive impact on your rights to exercise informed consent in the vaccination decision making process.  

With your registration information, we are able to calculate exactly who your elected officials are and display direct links to connect you to them on your personal view of your state team page.  Registration information is kept confidential within NVIC.

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Bills to Watch

Bills to Watch

State Bill Number Date Posted Position Title
AZ SB 1243 3/26/2014 OPPOSE Requires foster parents in AZ to vaccinate their own children as a condition of licensure
AZ HB 2101 3/26/2014 WATCH Establishes the vaccine financing and availability study committee
CA SB 1055 4/15/2014 WATCH Makes changes to current grant program for School Based Health Centers
CA AB 2069 4/15/2014 OPPOSE Would enact new laws in CA concerning flu vaccination
CA AB 2501 3/29/2014 WATCH Makes technical changes to the immunization law concerning conditional admittance to school
CA SB 492 3/26/2014 OPPOSE Allows optometrists to administer vaccines during a declared emergency
CO SB 32 4/15/2014 SUPPORT Removes restrictions that prevent alternative practitioners from treating children
CT HB 5537 4/14/2014 WATCH Expands the current vaccine tracking system to allow school nurses access
FL HB85/SB880 4/15/2014 OPPOSE Creates a pilot literacy program that encourages immunization services for children in the program
IL SB 3409 4/11/2014 WATCH Allows dentists to administer flu vaccines to anyone 18 and older
IL HB 4406 3/29/2014 OPPOSE Requires daycare centers and homes to adopt vaccination policies for staff
IL HB 5574 3/29/2014 OPPOSE Allows dentists to administer vaccines to children 10 and older
KY HB 311 4/15/2014 OPPOSE Adds HPV Vaccine requirement for 6th grade students
LA SB600 4/3/2014 OPPOSE Allows pharmacists to administer all ACIP recommended vaccines
MA H 1975 4/15/2014 OPPOSE Mandatory annual flu vaccine for health care workers
MN HF2415/SF2212 4/15/2014 OPPOSE Requires flu vaccines for health care workers
MN HF 2581/SF 2386 3/27/2014 OPPOSE Allows dentists to administer flu vaccines
MN HF 2170/SF 2544 3/20/2014 OPPOSE Adds additional requirements for conscientious belief exemptions
MO SB532 4/15/2014 WATCH Allows relative care givers to consent to vaccination for children via an avadavat
MO SB 748 4/15/2014 OPPOSE Adds meningococcal vaccine requirement for children and college students living in on-campus housing
MO HB 1683 4/15/2014 OPPOSE UNLESS AMENDED Allows pharmacists to administer vaccines to children 7 year and older
MO HB 1445/S 817 4/15/2014 OPPOSE Requires all immunization providers to submit all vaccination records to the registry
MS SB 2120 3/27/2014 OPPOSE Requires hospitals to provide flu vaccine to patients 65 and older before discharge
NE LB859 4/14/2014 WATCH Amends the current law concerning flu and TDaP vaccines for healthcare workers
NE LB 460 4/14/2014 OPPOSE Requires meningitis vaccine for 7th grade students and 16 year old students
NH SB 309 4/14/2014 OPPOSE Concerning the NH Vaccine Association
NJ S1176 4/15/2014 OPPOSE Requires healthcare facilities to establish flu vaccination policies
NJ S1147 4/15/2014 OPPOSE Restricts religious exemptions to vaccination in NJ
NJ AB 2570 4/15/2014 SUPPORT Eliminates use of vaccines containing mercury over three years
NJ A1534 4/15/2014 SUPPORT Provides for a conscientious exemption to vaccination
NJ A351 4/15/2014 WATCH Makes changes to exemptions to vaccination
NY A4421 4/14/2014 OPPOSE Requires seventh graders and college students to be vaccinated against meningococcal disease
NY A 6359, S 3934 4/14/2014 SUPPORT Adds a philosophical exemption to immunizations
NY A3703/S2070 4/14/2014 OPPOSE Requires schools to provide Meningococcal Vaccine information and record vaccination status
NY A497/S3134 4/14/2014 OPPOSE Allows minors to consent to STD (eg. HPV and Hep B) Vaccine without parental consent
NY A2689 4/14/2014 SUPPORT Provides protections to parents who use a religious belief exemption in NY
NY S6443 4/14/2014 SUPPORT Ensures physicians, NP and PA exemptions to vaccinations prevail
OH HB 394 4/14/2014 WATCH Expands current law to allow pharmacists to administer all vaccines to children 7 and older
OH SB 79 4/14/2014 WATCH Allows pharmacists to administer vaccines to children age 7 and older
OK HB 1892 4/14/2014 SUPPORT, IF AMENDED Requires health care facilities grant religious exemptions to flu vaccine mandates
OR SB 1506 4/14/2014 OPPOSE UNLESS AMENDED Concerning vaccine requirements for military children
PA HB 776 4/14/2014 WATCH Allows pharmacists to administer vaccines to children 7 and older
PA SB 251 4/14/2014 OPPOSE Allows the health dept. to offer flu vaccines for children in schools
PA HB 1567 3/27/2014 WATCH Requires healthcare providers to give expectant mothers information about pertussis vaccine
SC HB 3236 4/14/2014 OPPOSE Allows the health dept. to provide HPV Vaccine to girls entering the 7th grade in SC
VA HB63 4/14/2014 SUPPORT Concerning interscholastic participation for home schooled students and non-vaccinated students
VT H 114, S 103 4/14/2014 OPPOSE Requires pertussis vaccine for teachers and child care workers
VT H 138, S 102 4/14/2014 OPPOSE Suspends philosophical and religious exemptions if the immunization rate falls below 90%
VT S142 4/14/2014 OPPOSE Allows pharmacists to administer vaccines to children 7 and older
VT S194 4/14/2014 OPPOSE Requires schools and child care facilities to publicly post vaccination rates
WA SB 6297 4/14/2014 WATCH Concerning information given to pregnant women concerning vaccination
WI AB 608 4/10/2014 SUPPORT Prevents healthcare providers and systems from refusing to affiliate based on flu vaccination status
WV HB 4280/SB 386 4/14/2014 OPPOSE Requires children to be vaccinated as a condition to receive aid from the WV Works Program